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Long Distance Moving by California-Seattle Express

Are you tired of living in the same city for many years? Our country is beautiful and there are so many destinations you have never visited. Is that the reason you have decided to relocate from Seattle? Maybe the nature of your relocation is personal, but either way, we support your decision. As a matter of fact, we are here to help you move from Seattle to whatever city in the United States. And who are we? California-Seattle Express is a licensed moving company that has been working for many years. During those years, we have come across many different situations. What we’ve learned is that every long distance relocation is different and unique. In order to make a moving plan that will suit your needs, you will have to give us some information.

Our moving team is here to make everything easy for you. Do you want help with packing? No problem, our Seattle Express Movers are professional packers who will do the job meticulously, but at the same time quickly. They are very efficient because they have done it numerous times. The safety of your items is crucial to us, so our packers will carefully wrap and place every object in the moving box. After we finish packing, we will load the things into our moving truck and ship them to your address.

Car shipping

A lot of people who own a car want it shipped from their old address to the new one. If auto transport is something that you, too, need, let our Seattle Express Movers take care of everything regarding car shipping.

Storage facilities

If you have a gap between your moving out and moving in day, that means that you will have to figure out where you will put all the moving boxes. Seattle Express Movers offer you excellent and safe storage units that are available to all our customers.

Do you have all the information? If not, visit this website to find some more details about moving and call Seattle Express Movers once you’re ready to set the moving date or if you have any questions.

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