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Hire a professional moving company to transport your car across the country

If you’ve been planning on moving long distance, you must be looking for an efficient way of transporting all of your belongings, which means shipping your vehicle to your new home as well. Instead of driving it across the country yourself or finding a random stranger and paying them to do it for you, your best move would be to hire a professional moving company for this job.

If you’re searching for affordable and dependable car shipping services, then California-Seattle Express might be your best option. You can count on us to provide you with some of the most reliable car shipping services, and we will make sure that your vehicle is transported safely and on time. You won’t have to worry about your vehicle getting damaged during the relocation, as our movers will treat it as if it were ours.

Advanced moving equipment to safely transport your vehicle

We have experience in transporting all kinds of vehicles, and if you’re unsure whether we can ship yours, you can always contact us and find out. Our movers are trained professionals, and use some of the most advanced moving equipment, as well as moving trucks. You can count on our complete dedication to safely transporting your vehicle, as we know how stressful the whole period of moving can be. Whether you need a big family vehicle or an expensive sports car shipped long distance, California-Seattle Express has got you covered. You will have a choice between various car shipping services, depending on your preferences and, of course, your moving budget.

If you’d like us to transport your vehicle straight to a given address, then you can choose our door to door car shipping service, which is usually preferable if you don’t have the time to go and pick up your vehicle at one of our terminals. But keep in mind that it’s the more expensive service as opposed to terminal to terminal car shipping, which is the more budget-friendly option, and is just as reliable. We’ll ship your vehicle to one of our terminals, where you can pick it up.

Choose between open car carrier or enclosed trailer

Our services also include open car carrier and enclosed trailer car shipping options for you to choose from. The open trailer option is among our most popular car shipping services, as it’s very economical, and is very reliable when it comes to long distance car shipping. On the other hand, if you’re looking for extra protection for your vehicle, and don’t mind spending extra for it, our enclosed trailer car shipping option would suit you best. Your vehicle will be fully protected from the outside influences, such as the road and weather conditions, like rain, snow, dirt, and dust from the road.

You should feel free to contact California-Seattle Express if you’d like to learn more about any of our car shipping services. Don’t forget that we can provide you with other moving services as well. Say if you’d like us to provide you with corporate or residential moving services, handle the packing for you, or help you with moving supplies, if you’d like to do the packing yourself. If you’d like to avoid all the stress of relocation, you can count on California-Seattle Express to handle the whole moving process for you.

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