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How Much to Tip Movers From Seattle to California and Vice Versa?

You probably already know the standard tipping ratio for the service industry – 15% or more, all based on the quality of provided service. But how much to tip movers from a long-distance moving company you hired? It might be hard for you to decide which amount is appropriate for your helpers, but don’t worry – we’ll give you all the necessary information.

Tipping professionals is a common practice - learn about the ways to show appreciation overlay
Tipping professionals is a common practice - learn about the ways to show appreciation

Is It Necessary to Give a Tip? Tipping Is Common Practice When You Get Professional Help

There are no precise rules for tipping – after all, the final bonus will be your choice. It is in your will how generous you’re going to be. In the end, you can all benefit from the same thing – your precious possessions will be relocated by long-distance movers to the desired location without any problems, and professionals will happily claim the price of their labor.

Showing gratitude in the form of a tip has become a part of modern culture. Nowadays, it is almost considered rude when you don’t leave at least a minimal bonus for the specific service. Even though people pay for the most desired services with a credit card, it is not an unusual practice that some still carry cash around – just for tipping.

The size of the gratuity will usually depend on your personal preferences – and you’ll form an opinion depending on the way you’re served, and the assistance helpers provide. Now, this can be easily applied when it comes to tipping in a restaurant – you know, if the waiter was polite or if the food was warm and tasty. But what about some more complex services that include many different activities and last much longer than a regular dinner?

For example, you may not know the fact that a large number of California residents prefer to relocate to Washington State and vice versa. The main reason is that both of these areas offer incredible business opportunities, charming scenery, and many outdoor activities. Life in Washington State can also be more affordable, this is another common reason for people to move. So, if you are one of them, you’ll probably use professional relocation services, meaning you should know a bit about tipping. Let’s see when it is appropriate and how much money should you give the movers for the job well done.

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With the help of professionals, your relocation will go smoothly

What Is an Appropriate Tip for Movers?

Although moving to another state is an exciting experience, it has its own challenges. No matter if you’re a veteran in relocation or if this is your first time moving, one thing is certain – no one wants to go through this process all alone. Some kind of assistance is always more than welcome, which is why many people hire professional cross-country movers.

There is no need to push yourself to the limits and risk experiencing unpleasant relocation stress when you can rely on professional help and move efficiently and comfortably in a short time. People mostly worry about the price when it comes to getting professional services. Luckily, the most trustworthy cross-country moving companies will give you a quote for desired long-distance moving services, so you’ll be able to plan your relocation expenses.

However, the question still remains – how much money should you give the professionals for a job well done? Well, there is really no written rule for it, but there are some things you should consider beforehand.

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Moving Is Challenging Process, So Your Helpers Will Have a Lot of Work

Saving money for the move is definitely recommended, but when calculating the amount you’ll need to spare for this, you should not include only the given quote. You also have to ask yourself how much should you tip movers. After all, they will be in charge of everything you own in your household. They are obligated to take care of everything, but after the process is done, you’ll probably feel the need to give them a bonus.

So what is the appropriate tip? Should you give your helpers money, or is something else preferred? This also depends on you, but giving money is the best and easiest way to show gratitude. No one will mind earning extra cash when they don’t need other tips, such as free food and drinks. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t serve something for them to eat and drink, but apart from that, a little financial push-up is always preferable.

Is It Customary to Buy Lunch for Movers? You Should Be Deciding on This on Your Own

The same rule for tipping applies to getting your helpers lunch – you’re not obligated to offer them food. However, it’s in people’s hospitality to offer at least some light snacks or cold drinks to people who are helping them to move to a new home. You’ll notice that they are getting tired as the day passes by, so it’s definitely a good idea for them to take a break and eat something.

This will help them focus better on upcoming activities, and you’ll know that they’ll be more efficient with a little bite of the chocolate cookies you generously baked for them. Remember – it’s not that important what you bring to the table – it’s about showing gratitude and hospitality. Every professional will appreciate your effort and show respect by providing quality service.

A young handsome smiling worker wearing uniform is standing next to the van full of boxes holding a box in his hands. House move, mover service. overlay
Professional crew will appreciate snacks

When You Are Supposed to Tip Movers?

If you notice that your assistants are showing effort and trying their best to help you, even with some special request, you’re probably aware that they are deserving of their tips. Here are some clear signs that they deserve some extra prize for phenomenal performance:

  • You notice that they follow all of your requests and preferences,
  • They are showing up on time and acting professional,
  • They come to your house fully prepared, with all the necessary packing materials and other best equipment depending on the requested services,
  • They follow everything that’s part of your deal and offer you a contract with a promised price (without including tips on the bill),
  • They are not wasting time by taking too many breaks, and they are very efficient with all the necessary activities,
  • They don’t leave a mess behind and don’t break and scratch things around your new home,
  • They are friendly and polite to you and your family members,
  • They are handling all the fragile items carefully and follow signs on relocation boxes (which side goes up and which box goes where in your new home),
  • They are carrying heavy furniture pieces up and down the stairs,
  • They help you disassemble and assemble heavy furniture pieces.

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Is It OK Not To Tip Movers? They Should Be Rewarded Based on Their Service

As we already explained, giving bonuses is optional – if you like the received services, you can give tips, but the question is, when is it ok not to tip movers? Sure, no matter how hard you and the professionals that help you try to make everything perfect, they are just humans, it’s natural that they’ll make some mistakes. On the other hand, these mistakes shouldn’t cost you more time and money.

Now, this is where you need to draw a line between accidents and unprofessional behavior. If, for example, you’re a part of a relocation scam, you might notice that so-called professionals don’t seem like they have the right knowledge or experience. They maybe don’t know how to wrap fragile objects or don’t own professional equipment. This is a huge red flag. On the other hand, it is possible that even the most carefully packed glass breaks over some uncontrollable circumstances – for example, bumpy roads. You can’t blame professionals for this, especially if they did their job right and followed all the safety procedures.

Just to stay clear, these are situations when it’s okay not to give your helpers a bonus:

  • When they show up to their job later than expected,
  • When they scratch your doors and walls while maneuvering heavy furniture (repeatedly), and you notice that they don’t even care about doing that,
  • When they mix up your boxes, although you clearly labeled everything – for example living room box ends up in your bathroom,
  • When they spend most of their time taking breaks instead of actually doing their job,
  • When they require a bonus with a bill.

Do You Tip Movers When They Load or Unload, or Do You Tip Movers on Both Ends?

This is also optional – you can choose to split bonuses between both occasions, loading, and unloading, or you can give them a bonus only once when they are completed with all of their activities. This is only convenient if you’re hiring one company for both ends of your long-distance move. If you have two different crews helping you out on both ends, this will require two individual tips. This is why it might be more simple and more affordable to hire one team of movers from Seattle to California or another way around and save yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Two young handsome smiling workers wearing uniforms are standing next to the van full of boxes. House move, mover service. overlay
Hiring one company will save you the trouble of tipping twice

How Much to Tip Movers – Long Distance Moving Will Cost You More and Usually Means Higher Tips

How much should I tip movers? How much do you tip movers also depends on your goodwill – if you notice that your helpers really put themselves out there and showed an incredible amount of effort, this will logically mean a higher tip. If, on the other hand, you feel financially drained from all the relocation expenses but still one to show at least some form of gratitude, giving them a slight bonus will also work.

So, how much do I tip movers? Take a look at this table to see some common values. The basic rule is to give about $4-$5 to each crew member per hour of work.

Time Amount
A half day move (up to four hours) $20 per person
A full eight-hour day move $40 per person
More than 12 hours of labor $50-$60 per person

*This is a basic rule that can be used both for local and long-distance moves. Just remember that for long-distance moves, you’ll maybe have two separate crews working for hours (one in your old home and one when you arrive at the new one), so you should give bonuses to both of them.

Can You Tip Too Much? Consider That Long Distance Moves Require Additional Effort

In practice, there is no such thing as a tip that’s too high. Obviously, you won’t go over the price of the whole move, but if you just won a lottery and still want to, there is no rule against it. On the other hand, professionals might not accept something that they consider too generous and undeserved, no matter how hard you try to convince them that they earned it. Remember, they are receiving regular pay for all the things they do around your home – giving bonuses is a common practice to motivate these workers or thank them for the extra effort, not to pay for the whole move.

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Showing gratitude is your personal choice

Hire Professional Movers Seattle – California and Move Without Any Worries

Now that you know everything about giving bonuses to professionals and how convenient their assistance can be, there is no reason not to hire them. The best professional movers  California – Seattle can give you the quote for the requested service, and by adding approximate tips, you can calculate exactly how much you are about to pay.

No matter if you’re looking just for moving service or you also want to include some packing services in the whole package – just make sure to book everything in advance, and there should be no problems. The best-trained professionals will handle all of your possessions with great care, so there won’t be a need for you to stress out over every minor inconvenience. Just remember – make sure your helpers are well awarded for their assistance, and both you and your professional crew will feel amazing at the end of the day.

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